Creative at Heart – Charleston, SC

November 25, 2015

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Creative at Heart Conference – Charleston, SC


Last week, I stepped way outside my comfort zone. I hit the road to Charleston, SC for the Creative at Heart Conference, my first conference ever, all by myself! For those who know me well, know that I am an introvert through and through. So, I swallowed my nerves and headed to a place I had never been with people I hadn’t met before. If I had known that I would walk away with so many new sweet friendships, knowledge of how to love and serve my clients better, and countless life changing “a-ha!” moments, I would never have been as nervous as I was to attend.

I spent most of my time with my hilarious roommate, Lyndsey, and our table mates (it was totally fate), Jess & Mackenzie. We woke up each morning before sunrise to photograph each other and the beautiful city that is Charleston. We laughed and cried together, and left the conference with huge hugs and countless memories we made. We heard some of the top industry leaders speak and share their knowledge and hearts with all of us, encouraging us to live our lives and dreams to the fullest and be true to ourselves. Sharing laughter and tears at the end of the day with these amazing leaders (hint hint, that may be why my face is so red and swollen in the iPhone photos below with Katelyn, Mary, and Amy & Jordan!). We spent the evenings with new friends, sharing challenges and successes with each other, trying new food, and making memories that will stay with me forever. 

I’m SO excited to love and serve my clients better, to continue to capture life’s biggest moments so you have those precious memories for years to come, and to continue to push myself to step outside my comfort zone and grow. Sometimes life’s greatest moments are just outside your “safe place”.

Dilia joined us as we photographed each other and Rainbow Row in Charleston before our flights took us back home! Can you stand how beautiful this city is (and these gorgeous girls!)?!

We even bumped into Alicia as she captured beautiful portraits of Katelyn & Michael! 

And now for some good ole iPhone photos! 

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  1. Shaina says:

    This is a conference I’d LOVE to attend in the future (I have yet to go to a single conference at all)! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and met so many wonderful people!

  2. Olivia Rehman says:

    So jealous! Sounds + looks like a wonderful experience! Good for you for trying something new like this – I would be just as nervous as you! Your photos are beautiful, and I am glad you were able to share with us!

  3. Kelly Steiner says:

    This looks like it was so much fun! I’ve always wanted to visit Charleston. I can totally relate to being a total introvert, so I just have to say it’s awesome of you to step out of your comfort zone like that. You’ve inspired me to hopefully do something similar someday!

  4. LeiLani Golden says:

    Oh wow that looks like such a fun time! Can I hop in a time machine and come join you all? I absolutely adore Charleston and you definitely captured its charm. Not to mention, HELLO KATELYN! She’s a fave for sure! Great post Becca! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time!! Would love to go to this conference one year. 🙂

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