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July 14, 2015

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I am so excited to share some exciting news I have been working on for several months ! I can officially announce that BB Shots Photography is now…Becca B Photography! This rebranding process has been such a joy and it’s been so fulfilling to fine tune my style/vision and create a better connection with my past, present and future clients. I’ll be including a new blog which will feature my most recent work, along with plenty of throwbacks! I hope you feel the happiness, delicate moments, and excitement that the new Becca B Photography represents.

Our sweet hand-drawn new logo was created by the talented and lovely Splotch & Line (whom I often refer to as my creative soulmate). A million heartfelt thank you’s to Brooke for her patience and creativity throughout this process. A huge thank you to Rachel May, of Rachel May Photography, as well for her guidance and support when I first began the rebranding process. Rachel’s ability to see my vision through the fog was the greatest start to this endeavor I could ever ask for. And lastly, to my incredibly encouraging husband who pushes me more every day to be more then I thought possible – you are the light and love of my life! 

With a whole hearted thank you to my clients, colleagues, family & friends who have offered support and encouragement throughout this journey, I am forever grateful. 

xoxo – Becca

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